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Work with software engineering team that understands your business problem

Our services

SaaS IoT Product Engineering

We specialize in delivering custom Software as a Service that integrates with hardware devices (IoT).

Cloud native software development

We know how to leverage the power of cloud platforms to build reliable, scalable and cost efficient software.

Data Engineering

You deliver data, we provide what is needed to leverage it.

Why us?

We like challenging projects

We love to tackle complex business or technical problems. We are also not afraid of project estimation when our clients need it in order to make realistic plans.

We don’t over-engineer

We believe that simple solutions are underrated in our industry. We don’t worship any technology or approach, we just seek the best path to deliver your product.

Small, balanced and motivated team

We are a small team, 100% focused on client’s needs. We take full accountability for our actions. All of us have strong technical background and good communication skills.

Technologies and skills

Our main focus is put on your product. Technology is very important, but we believe it should be adapted to business requirements, not the other way around.

Technology stack that we used in recent projects

Frontend: React, Angular, Electron

Backend/API: Node.js, Nest.js, Java, Spring Boot,

Cloud provider: AWS

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